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April 11, 2024

Is the universe older than 6,000 years?

Today, we observe light emitted from objects that are some 46 billion light-years away. On this basis it has often been argued that the universe must be much older than the 6,000-years posited by young earth creationism. On the other hand, Big Bang cosmology estimates the age of the universe to be around 14 billion years. But, how can young earth creationism be rejected on this basis, while the age of the universe offered in Big Bang cosmology is itself some 32 billion light-years less than the time it would require for light to have travelled here from the most distant observable objects?

For more information on
the age of the universe and factors that affect its calculation, please see our:

Origins Addendum:
Shape of the Universe, the Cosmic Event Horizon, and Homogeneity

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