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Particulars of Christianity:
314 End Times Prophecy (Eschatology)

Composite Table:
Apocalyptic Symbols and Historic Empires

This chart shows the inter-related use of apocalyptic symbols in Daniel chapters 2, 7, and 8 as well as Revelation 13 and 17. The first five columns from the left are dedicated to the presentation of these symbols by both Daniel and John the Apostle. The sixth column (second to the right) shows the historic progression of world empires. The seventh column (all the way to the right) interprets columns 1-6 and shows how they relate to create an accurate Biblical prophecy of human history up until the coming of the Messianic kingdom at Jesus second coming. The rows of the chart compare the symbols used in each chapter and the empires they describe and demonstrates how each of these apocalyptic chapters and the historical record fit each other accurately and consistently.

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