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Particulars of Christianity:
314 End Times Prophecy (Eschatology)

The Statue of Daniel 2

This series of illustrations is designed to create a visual reference tool for some of the symbols found in Daniel's visions. Because many of us learn more easily through visual means, illustrations serve a very useful purpose when trying to understand not only what Daniel saw, but also what those symbols were depicting. This is necessary particularly because the symbolic imagery in Daniel is often quite detailed and somewhat foreign to our experience. These two factors make the symbols in Daniel difficult for us to envision and keep straight, which therefore, can make it difficult for us to grasp what these symbols depict. By representing these abstract concepts in a visual format, it becomes easier for us to sort and relate which traits and features are being associated with each entity Daniel symbolizes. For more information regarding consistency when interpretating the end times symbolism in Daniel and Revelation please visit our series of articles entitled "Prophetic Symbols."

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Statue of History Nebuchadnezzar's Dream (Daniel 2)