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Particulars of Christianity:
314 End Times Prophecy (Eschatology)

Additional Relevant Maps
This series of maps is designed to accompany our Prophetic Symbols Study. In addition to the Historic Maps section, where you will find full-color maps of historic empires, here you will find maps of the modern political features and borders for comparison. Additionally, you may want to view our two excerpts from Hebrew Lexicons before moving on to view the last map in this series, which illustrates the possible location of the land of Magog spoken of in Ezekiel 38-39 and Revelation 20.

1920 Treaty of Sevres
Areas of Kurdish Political Operation in 1998
1945 U.N. Border Petition by Kurds
Washington Post Map of "Kurdistan"
Kurdistan Overlaying Existing Nations
Kurdistan Map by kurdistan.org
Lexicon 1 - Location of Magog
Lexicon 2 - Location of Magog
Map - Probable Location of Magog

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1920 Treaty of Sevres
Sources: Dr. M. Izady, Colombia University, New York, USA