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Particulars of Christianity:
314 End Times Prophecy (Eschatology)

Figure 5: Working Model Revelation Chronology Chart
(Full Text, Reduced Scale

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As we mentioned throughout our study, scripture provides teaching examples for the chronological layout of Revelation. Although the layout of these teaching examples is far simpler, they help us to imagine the final picture that will emerge when we rearrange the book of Revelation according to these same chronological textual structures. For comparison, consider that Figure 1 and Figure 2 above are only 20 inches wide and 14 ½ inches tall at their greatest extent. Now, imagine a similar layout only instead of 2 or 3 columns wide, this time the layout is 19 columns wide. Instead of 2 or 3 chapters' worth of detail, it contains 22 chapters. It is a chart over 70 inches wide and over 200 inches tall. And it contains (by conservative estimation) over 375 cross-references to other passages of scripture, both inside and outside of the book of Revelation and over 55 different concepts or symbols.

If you click on the image above, you will see the working sketch that was developed once Revelation was divided into the various Long Series, Short Series, Expansions, Parallel Descriptions, Interludes, and Redundant Summaries that comprise its full text from chapter 1:1 to chapter 22:21. Just as in Figures 1-4, the chronology moves forward as verses move downward on the chart. Passages and verses that appear side by side are covering contemporary timeframes and related concepts. And, each new column designates what is believed to be a separate segment of the text or chronology, just as Genesis 1:1-2:3 and Genesis 2:4-25 are separate segments that appear in two columns in Figure 1. One addition to this chart that did not appear in Figures 1-4 is the horizontal red, blue, and orange lines. These lines are intended to divide the major contemporary timeframes in order to help better keep track of alignment and provide an order for the commentary that follows in the next section of the study. However, it should be noted that these lines do not represent hard breaks, stopping points, or gaps in the sequences of events. To the contrary, the events are believed to flow rather than break and the lines are intended to be loose organizational aids.

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