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Basic Worldview:
103 Science, the Bible, and Creation

Preface to this Section

This section of our In-Depth Studies is titled "Science, the Bible, and Creation." The topics for this section include the origin of the universe, the origin of life, and the origin of species. Effectively, this segment addresses the debate between creationism and various aspects of what is sometimes called atheistic naturalism (or perhaps naturalistic science), including both biological evolution and wider theories attempting to explain the origin, structure, and characteristics of the universe and the earth strictly in terms of gradual, slowly evolving, physical processes. However, this section is also divided into 2 portions.

The first portion focuses on an "in-house" debate over the naturalist scientific timetable among those who affirm the Judeo-Christian tradition and its scripture. This "in-house" debate is often described as the debate between "old earth" and "young earth" creationists. As such, the articles in this portion will be titled "Old Earth Creationism." Effectively, because both the "old earth" view and the "young earth" view affirm Judeo-Christianity and Judeo-Christian scripture, this portion focuses on the question of whether or not the text of Judeo-Christian scripture allows any room for the naturalist scientific timetable. Consequently, this portion deals with the hermeneutic, or textual, evidence in the scripture. However, it should also be noted that additional evidence against any incorporation of the naturalist scientific timetable into the Judeo-Christian worldview, including the "old earth" view, also comes in the second portion of this section, which demonstrates that the overall evolutionary worldview (including not only biological evolution but also naturalistic approaches to cosmology and geology) is really not a functioning theory and there is ultimately no empirical evidence to support it the first place. Therefore, there is no reason to incorporate its long timescales into the Judeo-Christian worldview or scripture. The Old Earth Creationism portion is placed first simply because it is far shorter and the issues involved are exceedingly less detailed.

The second portion focuses on the external debate between "young earth" creationists and evolution, particularly evolution formulated in terms of a strictly naturalistic (non-theistic) explanation. This portion defines both evolutionary theory and creation theory and then reviews the evidence in light of these definitions to demonstrate which theory is better attested to by a reasonable, objective view of the evidence. Because it covers these larger themes, this section will simply be titled, "Origins."