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A Typical Church Gathering

Our home church gets together on Sunday evenings for a first-century-style communal gathering. We start by making the meal. It's a group effort. We all arrive and hang out while final preparations of the food are finished. Then, once dinner is ready, we set out the bread and wine and gather around for a prayer to remember the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus with which atoned for our sins and brought us together into a family. And we take a few moments to look forward to sitting down with the Lord himself at the wedding feast in the kingdom that we all now share through his body and blood. It's a time of solemn remembrance and a time of celebration and hanging out. After dinner, we gather in the living room for a time of focus on the Word of God. One person takes a turn presenting and the other guys ask questions or make comments of their own. We encourage participation and learning through asking questions, just like the first-century churches set up by Paul. After study time, we kick back and relax, enjoying each other's company. It's a great way to get back to the basics of Christian gatherings and back to our historic roots as a Christian church.

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