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Interaction: Ways to Get Involved

Although it's great when Christians can live together in fellowship, that's not always possible. Sometimes people simply don't live nearby. But this isn't a new problem for the church. From the earliest times, New Testament Christians were spread abroad in different cities. Those who were able took the opportunity to visit each other. But more often, they used the available modes of communication to stay in contact with each other. Of course, at the time that meant writing a letter and sending it by the hand of a messenger. Fortunately, today's technology has increased the speed and variety of ways to communicate.

Since many of us live in different cities and in different states, we've learned to make the most of our opportunities to stay in touch. It's also likely that many of the people who visit this website aren't going to live nearby. But we'd still like to build a sense of community, just like the early Christian churches who were scattered across the old world.

1.) First there is visiting our website and checking out the articles and information available here. You can check back at your leisure and we will try to highlight updates to make things easier for return visitors. Although reading the articles can take some time, it's probably the best way to get to know what we believe and why. Of course, summaries of all of our views are also available on the "Statement of Beliefs" page.

2.) Second, there is email. Whether you live nearby or far away, this is a very casual way to get to know us a little bit better. If you have a question or a comment or you'd like to know more about us, please send us a message. (However, for questions about specific studies, we would ask that you read the entire study before emailing with a question.)

3.) Third, there is the phone. In the past we have even used conference phone services or even internet phone services like Skype to talk to several people at a time. Over the years, a number of friends, family and visitors to the website from other cities and states have joined together for a regular study once a week with a combination of some people on the phone and some people present in person. For out-of-towners who get to know us a little, exploring further conference call options is something we're always open to looking into.

4.) Fourth, the best community fellowship is always face-to-face. If you've spent time on our website and have gotten to know us, and would like to get together in person, feel free to write us an email.


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