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Particulars of Christianity:
315 Global Conspiracy
(and Freemasonry)

Conspiracy Study Reference and Research Section

Intro: A Biblical Look at "Conspiracy"
Conspiracy: What does the Bible Say?
Conspiracy Against God in the End Times
Revelation Records the Conspiracy
The Lifespan of the Conspiracy (Part 1)
The Lifespan of the Conspiracy (Part 2)
Mystery: The Religion of the Conspirators (Part 1)
Mystery: The Religion of the Conspirators (Part 2)
Part 1: Mystery Religion in Modern Groups
Part 2: Financial Influence and Freemasonry
Part 3: The Great Merchants and Global Deception
Conspiracy Study Reference and Research Section
Controlling the News: Goldberg and Quigley

Below are just a few resources available concerning various aspects of the global conspiracy. If you read through our brief notes on each source, you will find in bold the reasons why these sources are so credible as evidence of a global conspiracy. Although we highly recommend all of these sources, we do not necessarily endorse all of the information in them.

1. Book Title: Anglo-American Establishment
a. Author: Carroll Quigley
b. Publisher: G. S. G. & Associates, Inc.
c. Pub. Date: July 1981
d. Pages: 359pp.
e. Notes: As a testimony to the existence of a secret society attempting to create a global government, Carroll Quigley's account is uncontestable. Carroll Quigley worked as a professor at Georgetown University. And according to President Clinton himself Quigley was one of his mentors during his time at Georgetown. In this book, Quigley describes in detail the interlocking relationships between the leading business, education, government, and financial elite of Britain and the United States. Quigley not only believed in a secret society with an agenda to rule the world, but he himself claims to have been allowed to review its inner writings by members of the group. Quigley's only complaint appears to have been that the group chose to remain secret, when Quigley felt it should be made public.

2. Book Title: The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve
a. Author: G. Edward Griffin
b. Publisher: American Media
c. Pub. Date: September 1996
d. Pages: 601pp.
e. Notes: This book is a detailed account of the creation of the Federal Reserve System, the men who created it, and the historical record of how it is used. In the book, Griffin even uses direct quotes from the men involved in the conspiracy, quotes in which they discuss what they were doing and why. Despite its size, Griffin does an incredible job making this book very readable and easy for the audience to grasp.

3. Website Title: The Reality Zone
a. Author: G. Edward Griffin
b. Content: Articles by and Resources available from G. Edward Griffin

4. Book Title: Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola
a. Author: Leonard G. Horowitz
b. Foreword by: W. John Martin
c. Publisher: Tetrahedron, Incorporated
d. Pub. Date: August 1996
e. Pages: 592pp.
f. Note: Author Leonard Horowitz recounts the intentional development of modern epidemic including the involvement of the pharmaceutical industry and lawfully required vaccines. The credibility of this book is upheld by its inclusion of federal documents reprinted in the book to demonstrate the validity of Horowitz assertions.

5. Website Title: tetrahedron.org
a. Author: Leonard G. Horowitz,
b. Content: Articles by and Resources available from Leonard G. Horowitz

6. Website Title: Famous Masons
a. Content: Famous Freemasons in History
b. Note: The credibility of the information on this site is established by the author's open support of Freemasonry. The purpose of the website is to defend Freemasonry against critics by demonstrating how many good men have been masons through history.

7. Book Title: The Second Messiah: Templars, The Turin Shroud, and the Great Secret of Freemasonry
a. Author: Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas
b. Publisher: Element Books, Inc.
c. Pub. Date: 1998
d. Pages: 224pp.
e. Note: While we find the authors' spiritual beliefs to be quite heretical, their survey of Freemasonic history is quite interesting and helpful. This book is written by two lower-degree Freemasons who have sought to research and uncover the secret of the Freemasons.

8. Website Title: fair.org
a. Author: FAIR - Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting
b. Content: FAIR, the national media watch group, has been offering well-documented criticism of media bias and censorship since 1986. We work to invigorate the First Amendment by advocating for greater diversity in the press and by scrutinizing media practices that marginalize public interest, minority and dissenting viewpoints. As an anti-censorship organization, we expose neglected news stories and defend working journalists when they are muzzled. As a progressive group, FAIR believes that structural reform is ultimately needed to break up the dominant media conglomerates, establish independent public broadcasting and promote strong non-profit sources of information. c. Note: Compared to both G.E.'s website and AOL Time Warner's website. The information on fair.org was 100 percent accurate.

9. Website Title: G.E. Board of Directors
a. Content: G.E. website containing names of their Board members for confirmation of the list on fair.org.

10. Website Title: AOL Time Warner Board of Directors
a. Content: AOL Time Warner Site containing name of their Board members for confirmation of the list on fair.org.