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Particulars of Christianity:
315 Global Conspiracy
(and Freemasonry)

Revelation Records the Conspiracy

Intro: A Biblical Look at "Conspiracy"
Conspiracy: What does the Bible Say?
Conspiracy Against God in the End Times
Revelation Records the Conspiracy
The Lifespan of the Conspiracy (Part 1)
The Lifespan of the Conspiracy (Part 2)
Mystery: The Religion of the Conspirators (Part 1)
Mystery: The Religion of the Conspirators (Part 2)
Part 1: Mystery Religion in Modern Groups
Part 2: Financial Influence and Freemasonry
Part 3: The Great Merchants and Global Deception
Conspiracy Study Reference and Research Section
Controlling the News: Goldberg and Quigley

As we stated at the beginning of this series of articles, the conspiracy we will be taking a look at involves a secret society of wealthy global elitists controlling governments from behind the scenes and using their power to manipulate the world toward a tyrannical, totalitarian government. We have previously defined the term conspiracy as "the secret plan of a small group to accomplish a single end." And we have already shown four things regarding the Bible and conspiracy.

1.) The Old Testament records several conspiracies.
2.) One conspiracy recorded in the Old Testament is a conspiracy against God.
3.) This conspiracy against God will be occurring and culminating in the last days.
4.) (To be established later in the study.) This conspiracy against God that occurs in the last days will have been developing since at least the 1st century AD and has its roots in the ancient mystery religions of Babylon and Egypt.

But the Bible records still more evidence that a well-developed conspiracy against God and His people will be present in the end times.

When we think of this specific conspiracy theory we see that it has four main characteristics.

1) A proportionately small group of people at the top.
2) Global control of commerce and banking, vast wealth and exceeding financial influence.
3) Global control of information through education, media censorship, and propaganda.
4) Devotion to secret, ancient, mystery religions and societies, which trace their roots to Babylon and Egypt.

When we read the Book of Revelation (especially chapters 13, 16, 17, and 18) and Daniel 9 and 11 (9:27, 11:21-24, 11:37-39) we see very similar characteristics applied to the figures described therein.

1. A proportionately small group of people at the top - the antichrist, False Prophet, the 10 kings.
2. Global control exerted through commerce and vast financial influence - the Mark of the Beast, the Great City of Babylon.
3. Mass deception over the globe - the False Prophet and the Great Prostitute.
4. Connection to secret, ancient, mystery religions and societies, rooted in Babylon and Egypt - The Great Prostitute, Mystery Babylon.

Is it merely an odd coincidence that this conspiracy theory shares so much in common with the Book of Revelation's description of the end times? Definitely not. With so much corresponding between the two it would seem foolish not to identify one with the other. Biblically speaking, the two are the same. Thus there can be little doubt that the conspiracy is real. The only question, which remains is how far into the end time culmination of this conspiracy are we? By examining the figures and events of history and comparing them to this Biblical view of the end times we can find out roughly where we sit in the prophetic timetable.

So, we have proven our first point. There is a conspiracy against God that exists in the end times. But does this conspiracy spring up during the final 3 1/2 to 7 years, or does it grow and evolve much earlier?