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Particulars of Christianity:
314 End Times Prophecy (Eschatology)

A Simple Chronological List
of the Events in Revelation

Revelation Chronology: Introduction
Revelation Chronology: Structure in Revelation
Revelation Chronology: Sections 0.01-0.02
Revelation Chronology: Sections 1.01-2.03
Revelation Chronology: Section 2.04
Revelation Chronology: Section 2.04 Continued
Revelation Chronology: Sections 2.05-2.06
Revelation Chronology: Sections 2.07-2.08
Revelation Chronology: Sections 2.09-2.13
Revelation Chronology: Section 3.01
Revelation Chronology: Section 3.01 Continued
Revelation Chronology: Sections 3.02-3.04 and Conclusions

Revelation Renumbered
Genesis 1-2: Integrated Text, Single Chronology
Revelation: Integrated Text, Single Chronology
A Simple Chronological List of the Events in Revelation
Addendum: Origins and Destinations

1. The Messiah is born from Israel, is Persecuted by the Angelic Adversaries, and Ascends to the Throne of God
2. The Holy Spirit Comes to John to Reveal to him the Vision and the Book
3. The Holy Spirit Takes John up to Heaven to Witness Jesus' Receiving the Revelation
4. The Two Witnesses Ministry to Israel Begins, the Temple is Measured and Rebuilt
5. The Conversion of Israel
6. An Explanation of Who the Prostitute and the Seven-headed Beast Are
7. The Seven Trumpets Begin, Signifying the Fall of the Satanic Kingdom and the Falling Away in the Church
8. The Fall of the Chief Adversary Retold in Plain Language
9. Israel is Led by the Two Witnesses to a Place of Safety, Some Rebel and are Purged
10. Satan's War Against the Gentile Saints Connected to the Release of Abaddon
11. The Four Horsemen, Four Winds, Are Given Release in the Fourth Quadrant after the Conversion of Israel
12. Abaddon's Empire Emerges Aided by the False Prophet to Persecute the Gentile Saints
13. Saints Pray for Vengeance and Ask How Long the Persecution will Last
14. Two Witnesses Begin their 3 Years of Prophecy and Dispensing of Plagues
15. Four Horsemen are Allowed to Kill with the Locusts in the Third Quadrant
16. Preparation Begins for the Gathering of Armies at the Battle of Armageddon
17. After the Plague from the Last Bowl of Wrath the Two Witnesses are Killed by Abaddon
18. The Martyrs Now Complete and Vengeance is Ready to be Completed Also
19. The Declaration of Babylon's Fall, which Occurs at the Seventh Bowl of Wrath
20. Jesus Returns in the Clouds, the Resurrection and Rapture, the Temple in Heaven is Opened, and the Battle of Armageddon, Satan is Imprisoned for 1,000 Years
21. The 1,000 Year Reign of Christ Jesus and the Saints Begins, Including the Renovation of the Earth
22. The 1,000 Years are Over, the Renovation is Complete, Satan is Released and Receives his Final Defeat by Jesus Before Jesus Turns the Kingdom over to the Father
23. Jesus Hands the Kingdom over to the Father, the Father Transforms the Earth, Making it Incorruptible, the General Resurrection Occurs Followed by the Final Judgment
24. The Heavenly Jerusalem Descends to Earth and the Father Dwells with Mankind Forever

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