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A Typical Church Gathering

Our home church gets together on Sunday evenings for a first-century-style communal gathering. We start by making the meal. It's a group effort. We hang out and talk while the food is being prepared. Then, once dinner is ready, we set out the bread and wine and gather around for a prayer to remember the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus with which atoned for our sins and brought us together into a family. And we take a few moments to look forward to sitting down with the Lord himself at the wedding feast in the kingdom that we all now share through his body and blood. Its a time of solemn remembrance and a time of celebration and hanging out. After dinner, we gather in the living room for a time of focus on the Word of God. An old projector allows us all to read through the Word of God together. One person takes a turn presenting and the other guys ask questions or make comments of their own. We encourage participation and learning through asking questions, just like the first-century churches set up by Paul. After study time, we kick back and relax, enjoying each others company. Its a great way to get back to the basics of Christian gatherings and back to our historic roots as a Christian church.

Photo - August, 2016
(back right top:) Jason Althoff
(back row, left:) Chris Gallant, Tracey Gallant, Brian McPherson, Maria McPherson, Don Paladino, Megan Ginanni, Ryan Barnes, Brittney Barnes, John McPherson, Scott McPherson, Gloria Gibson
(middle row, left:) Bella Ginanni holding Carmen McPherson, Gabbie Ginanni, Jalen Althoff, Aidan McPherson, Tristan McPherson
(second row, left:) Abbey Gallant, Kaden Althoff, Ethan Gallant, Asher McPherson
(front row, left:) Rayme Althoff, Ember McPherson, Cooper Barnes, Thaniel Gallant, Rafael McPherson, William Barnes

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