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A History of This Website and Its Authors

In the spring of 1999, we graduated from a small state university in Missouri. Although we were born into a Roman Catholic family, by our second year in high school we had become non-denominational charismatic Christians. During college, we were part of a fairly large inter-denominational campus fellowship. But the same spring that we graduated, we began reading a book that had been recommended to us by some of our close, Christian friends from college. The book challenged our long-held charismatic doctrinal views. With the utmost confidence in our charismatic faith we were sure that we would be able to tackle any arguments that the book had to offer. However, by the end of that summer we had finished reading the book and were looking for a new church home.

We spent the next few months visiting a variety of local churches. We visited Baptist, Presbyterian, Methodist, and other denominational and inter-denominational churches in the area. We looked in the phone book for churches. We even visited churches that we saw on billboards along the highway. We eventually settled at a new church that had been informally planted by a Baptist fellowship from out of state. The pastor, assistant pastor, and music minister were all very young and approachable and the worship music was contemporary, a lot like the music from the campus fellowship we had been a part of in college. We even ran into a few Christian friends from high school there.

But finding a church was not the most pressing issue raised by the book. In fact, changing some of our long-held beliefs was not even the most pressing issue. The most pressing issue was answering the following question: how in the world were we so sure for so long about doctrine that now seemed so obviously flawed?

There were clear facts that we had previously never even heard of, relevant church history, and straightforward biblical questions that we had never asked - just merely assumed. This was the elephant in the room. This was the eight-hundred pound gorilla. There was no getting around it. It was staring us straight in the face. For a decade, we had believed very strongly in a kind of Christianity that we had never looked into or critically examined. More than finding a new church, more than simply adjusting a few of our beliefs, we had to start asking questions like "what should we believe?" and "why?" And we needed to find real, reliable answers.

In those three short years between winter of 2001 and spring of 2004, we built this website with the first bible studies. The website has grown considerably since those first few years. We now have over 7,500 pages of study articles on Christian apologetics and theology as well as Christian history. We continue to hope that people will find our website helpful and informative as a free, resource for personal and corporate study.

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